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Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and that you find a lot of useful information.This site is for you,
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Claire Palmer         - Chairman

Ann Jaroncyk & Carol Prata - Co-Vice Chairman

Ann Jaroncyk          - Secretary

   Carol Prata             - Treasurer 



Susan Burke
Lorraine Beauregard
Estelle Coen
Ann Jaroncyk 







ea Kelly
Mal Kocur
Marie Nardone
 Claire Palmer



Bobbie Gifford

            Sandy Noe              




Debi Pantazelos
 Carol Prata
Patricia Savage
Pauline Vass








In recognition of their contribution to the success of the Alumni Council we applaud our past and present leaders.
New England Chapter

                           Claire Palmer      
                           Karen Gagne      

                       Ron Harrison       
                      Bobbie Gifford   

       Jim Mullaney        
       Kay Shanahan     
       Arthur Bonzagni   
       Ken Premo          


Pension Contact Information
DexMedia - Retirement Service Ctr -                   800-345-2345 (check pay stub for current info) General Inquiries

Other Contact Info Participant inquiries: Retirement/pension plan benefits 866-767-1212

The Directory Alumni Council

Is looking for a few good Men & Women

To serve on it's Board of Directors


Our organization is made up of former Directory employees 
and has all the attributes of a close-knit family.
We do care for each other and try to be there for one another whenever there is a need.  To maintain  membership ranks, we depend greatly on present members to recommend the Directory Alumni to others.  We ask your continued support to increase membership in the Directory Alumni Council. 

If you know of any former Directory 
employees not currently listed in the directory,  send us their name, address and phone number.  We would love to have them as new members.  Remember, they don't have 
to be retirees, just past Directory employees. Our e-mail address is
or write us at

Directory Alumni Council
P.O. Box 828
Byfield, MA 01922

We thank the over 300 paid members that are 
supporting our organization.

 If you have not paid your dues or know of anyone that has not,
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Share the Good News 

The Directory Alumni Council Alumni Directory is your vehicle to stay in touch with others and keep others in touch with you!  
Please send us an email at
to update your street address(es), 

telephone #(s) and e-mail address, tell us what you are doing, 
what your fellow Alumni are doing and most importantly what we (the Alumni Council) should be doing to help
maintain communication with all our Alumni. 


Send us your "Newsy Notes". We will be sure to publish your news in the
Next Newsletter

We understand that your lives are busy, plates are full, and days
just seem to get shorter and shorter. But we also know that so 
many of you remain connected from your days in Directory.  

It may be the lunch you have with your friends once a month, 
or a note or phone call from a friend you haven't seen in a while.  
We hope you'll share these moments with us and let us know 
what we can be doing to stay connected with you.

Many have told us how they enjoy reading everyone's news. Others tell us that the DAC Newsletter keeps them connected, no matter the distance. You can help keep this conversation going. Tell us what you are doing. We'd love to hear from you. 


Send your "Newsy Notes" by email to

Or Mail to

Directory Alumni Council
P.O. Box 828

Byfield, MA 01922

We hope to hear from you soon!


The Association of BellTel Retirees Inc

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National Retiree Legislative Network 





  The Directory Alumni Council is not endorsing Protect Seniors, the Association of BellTel Retirees Inc., or the National Retiree Legislative Network but we will include information on the Bulletin Page that we feel you might be interested in.


The Alumni web site was developed by our own board members
and will be updated as often as possible.