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The Telephone Company, like other major corporations consists of many divisions.   Our division, the Directory Department, also known as Yellow Pages, services the business community by selling Yellow and White Pages advertising.  There are various groups within Directory: sales representatives, artists, clerical personal, public affairs, legal, finance, marketing, information systems, customer relations, network, real estate.  Through teamwork these groups expand the company into new domestic and global markets. 

So it was that a group of 8 Yellow Page sales people who truly loved their profession, decided they would always enjoy being a part of this exciting business, even after they retired, by keeping in touch with their past. 


The purpose of the Directory Alumni Council is;

1-To provide opportunities for group and social activities and to continue the camaraderie enjoyed by directory employees during their days with the directory department.

2-To publish a membership Directory allowing members to keep in touch with friends made over the years.

3-To publish a newsletter about members and their lives after leaving the company.

4-To support a charity selected by the Council.  The charity selected by our group is the Foundation for Neurologic Diseases at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.   Through the generous support of the alumni and friends we have raised over 
$178,115 since 1990, for the research on Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis, brain tumors and Parkinson's disease.





This organization shall be known as Directory Alumni Council, hereinafter referred to as DAC.


The purpose of  DAC, a non-profit organization, is to; 

1 - develop closer relationships within and among former Directory employees 

2 - provide social settings encouraging continued communications and 

3 - support board approved charitable endeavors. 


SECTION I  - Membership in DAC shall consist of former Directory employees from New England Telephone, NYNEX, NYNEX Information Resources Co, Bell Atlantic, Verizon, IDEARC/SuperMedia, DexMedia, and  New York Telephone Directory Departments. 

SECTION II -  All former employees from the aforementioned companies are automatically eligible for membership. 


SECTION I  -  There shall be a Board of Directors consisting of 12 people. 

SECTION II  -  Directors shall be nominated by the existing board or general membership for election at the annual meeting to be held in April.   Directors shall be elected for a 3-year term.  Nominees may be recommended in writing to the Nominating Committee of DAC thirty days prior to the annual meeting 

SECTION III  - The Officers of  DAC shall consist of the following;
Officers shall be elected for a 1-year term by the Board of Directors. 

SECTION IV  -  All the Officers and Directors shall hold their respective offices from the date of their election until their successors shall be elected. 


SECTION I - The Board of Directors shall; 

  • ·          administer the affairs of DAC
  • ·          have full and complete charge of its management, including the filling of all vacancies, by                  appointment or election, until the next annual meeting. 
  • ·          regularly attend board meetings and important related meetings
  • ·          make a serious commitment to participate actively in committee work
  • ·          stay informed about committee matters
  • ·          get to know other committee members
  • ·          be an active participant in committee’s annual evaluation and planning. 

SECTION II - The Chairman shall; 

  • ·          chair all DAC board meetings, exercising a general supervision over it’s interests and                          welfare
  • ·          sign all papers issued by DAC required to be signed
  • ·          appoint all committees, and be an ex officio member
  • ·          represent the DAC at meetings of other organizations when official representation is of    
  •                   benefit to the Council
  • ·          develop/update yearly plan and coordinate activities to achieve the plan’s goal
  • ·          submit Annual Report summarizing his/her term of office to the DAC annual meeting in    
  •                   April
  • ·          send a notice to the Board members of all meetings at least ten days prior to the date of  
  •                   said meeting
  • ·          ensure the complete transfer of DAC records to the succeeding DAC Chairman. 

SECTION III - The Vice-Chairman shall; 

  • ·        perform the duties of the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman
  • ·        supervise the activities of those committees reporting to him/her
  • ·        perform duties assigned by the Chairman or Board
  • ·        transfer all DAC records to the succeeding Vice-Chairman. 

SECTION IV - The Treasurer shall; 

  • ·         maintain DAC financial records, including copies for DAC Financial Reports and  
  •                   supporting documents for the past five years
  • ·         report at each regular meeting of the Board of Directors a record of such receipts and  
  •                   disbursements
  • ·         provide a financial report at the close of the DAC year for audit by the Board and forward  
  •                   audited copies to the DAC Chairman for inclusion in the Annual      DAC Report
  • ·         issue and sign all checks
  • ·         assist the DAC Board of Directors with budget preparation
  • ·         have an understanding of accounting principals and experience with budgets and have  
  •                    much communication with Board members in relation to reimbursement of expenses
  • ·         deposit all DAC income in a bank specified by the DAC Board and issue payments from  
  •                    that account for all expenditures approved by the DAC Board
  • ·         assist in maintaining a viable list of dues paying members by submitting a list periodically  
  •                    to the Membership Committee Chair
  • ·         transfer all records to the succeeding Treasurer 

SECTION V - The Secretary shall; 

  • ·        perform such duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors
  • ·        record, distribute, and archive the minutes of DAC meetings
  • ·        collect, record and disseminate all correspondence
  • ·        maintain the DAC database of all alumni members
  • ·        in the absence of the Secretary a Secretary Protem shall be chosen by the Board of  
  •                  Directors
  • ·        transfer all records to the succeeding Secretary. 


SECTION I - The fiscal year of  DAC shall commence on May 1st and end the following April 30th. 

SECTION 11 - The annual meeting of DAC shall be held during the month of April at such place and time as may be determined by the Board of Directors.  A quorum of 25 members shall be required for the transaction of business. 

SECTION III – Printed notice shall be mailed to the membership 30 days prior to any meeting.  Said notice shall include the time, place and purpose for which the meeting has been called. 

SECTION IV - The meetings of the Board of Directors shall generally be held monthly except for the summer months July and August. 

SECTION V - A quorum of the Board of Directors shall be required for the transaction of business at DAC Board Meetings.  A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the Board of Directors. 

SECTION VI – Other general membership meetings may be called by any of the following, 

1 – The Chairman
2 – A majority of the Board of Directors
3 – Upon written application to the Chairman.  Such application shall be reviewed and acted upon within 60 days by the Board of Directors. 


Each member shall pay to the Treasurer dues and charges as may be determined by the Board of Directors.                                                                                                           


SECTION I - The Chairman will be a member of and have the authority to appoint all committees including but not limited to;                                                                                

1 - Finance
     Prepare annual budget for presentation to the Board of Directors and is involved in the review of all           financial affairs of DAC.                                     
2 - Business Meetings
     Making all necessary arrangements for monthly Board of Director meetings relative to time,               location and programming.                                                                     

3 - Nominating 
     Submitting nominations 30 days prior to the next annual meeting with a minimum of three         members of DAC.                                                 

4 - By-Laws
     Reviewing existing by-laws and frames any amendments thereto.


The Directory Alumni Council shall not be held liable or responsible for personal injuries, loss of life or property damage caused or sustained by any member, their family, guests, friends, and persons known or not known, animals, equipment or property, while attending any activity or Council function. Any and all liabilities, responsibilities and remedies in these regards in no way involve the Directory Alumni Council, its officers and directors or members, past, present or future.


 The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority in all matters not specified in these bylaws



 The interpretation of these Bylaws and all revisions or amendments to same rests in the hands of the Board of Directors. Their decision shall be final.



A Special General Membership Meeting for the purpose of dissolution of the Directory Alumni Council may be called with a forty-five (45) days prior notice. Notice of the meeting will be mailed no later than forty-five (45) days beforehand, stating the date, time and location of the meeting, and the business at hand, which shall be dissolution of the Directory Alumni Council. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present shall be required to dissolve the Directory Alumni Council. After all debts have been satisfied, the remaining monies shall be given to board approved charitable endeavors.



 Bylaws may be altered or amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at any membership meeting, provided that a written notice of the proposed amendments is given 30 days prior to the date of the meeting.   



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New England Telephone served most of the New England area of the United States, including Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont as a part of the original AT&T for seven decades. After the Bell System divestiture in 1984, it merged with New York Telephone to form NYNEX in 1984. After 1994, the name was no longer officially publicly used (although it was still used internally for portions of operations).

NYNEX was acquired by Bell Atlantic in 1997 and began doing business under that name; however, NET retained its original corporate name. In 2000, Bell Atlantic bought GTE and changed its own name to Verizon. New England Telephone was then renamed Verizon New England, Inc.

Verizon New England is headquartered at 185 Franklin Street in the Post Office Square area of Boston's Financial District. As of 2009, the building is still used by Verizon, but it has been sold.

Its slogan and jingle was "We're the one for you, New England. New England Telephone."