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An Invitation to Join the Directory Alumni Council
We welcome your friends and family members to join the Directory Alumni Council. Give
them this form to fill out, or send us their name and address and we'll send them an
invitation to join the DAC

Directory Alumni Council
P.O. Box 828
Byfield, MA 01922
"Helping Members Keep In Touch"

Dear Alumni and Friends,

On behalf of the Directory Alumni Council, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join the DAC.

Our Directory Alumni Council was founded on November 23, 1987 by a wonderful group of people like you, who thought it might be nice to stay in touch with some of their friends after they have left the company.

Annual dues is $20.00. Membership brings you our informative newsletter, a copy of the Membership Directory, flyers of upcoming events, and timely e-mail notification of information of interest to the Alumni.

The Directory Alumni Council is a great way to stay in touch. Our organization is made up of former Directory employees and has all the attributes of a close-knit family. We do care for each other and try to be there for one another whenever there is a need. We do hope you will join us for the nominal $20.00 dues.

Again, on behalf of the Directory Alumni Council, Congratulations and Best Wishes for the years ahead.

Claire M. Palmer

Send your Annual Dues of $20.00 to:
Directory Alumni Council
P.O. Box 828
Byfield, MA 01922

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